There may have been a rainy start to the golf season but the stars of the tournaments so far were more than prepared with their Trion:Z bracelets.

This year it seems that Trion:Z is the must have sports bracelet for Ryder Cup players. Ricky Fowler, Rory McIlroy and a whole host of professional golfers and caddies were seen with one of the sports most renowned complimentary health products: Trion:Z.

Trion:Z products use magnetic and ionic technology and users have reported

that they aid with focus, energy, improve fatigue and injury recovery. They have taken the golfing world by storm!

Trion:Z team Europe’s  Irish star, Rory McIlroy, a  long-time believer of Trion:Z believes, “everyone should give it a shot.”

Francesco Molinari, Thomas Bjorn and Miguel Jimenez were also spotted boasting the magnetic bracelets by avid golf fans and Trion:Z consumers and “I even wear one myself” Paul Froome – Owner David O Jones Sports

And from Trion:Z team USA, American stud and world class professional, Ricky Fowler is also an avid fan of Trion:Z and uses it as a part of maintaining his healthy lifestyle, “As a professional athlete, I need my body as healthy as possible.”

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